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Diamond Shape



The external geometrical and physical look of a diamond is referred to as the shape of a diamond. Learn more about diamond shapes and find what suits your personality.
When purchasing a diamond, shape comes first, although it is often confused with diamond cut, but they are two distinct concepts. 

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, each with unique characteristics. They are distinguished by round-cut and fancy-shaped (non-round). Fancy-shaped diamonds include Princess-cut, Oval-cut, Cushion-cut, Asscher-cut, emerald-cut, marquise-cut, pear-cut, radiant-cut, and heart-cut. 


Round-cut diamond is the most traditionally loved diamond. It has been the most popular choice over decades. Round shapes go well with many different types of settings. The round diamond fits into any setting you choose, be it vintage-inspired, halo, or solitaire, with ease, enabling customization to your preference.

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Princess-cut diamonds are the modern choice, selected for their sharp corners and square shape. It’s a well-liked option for people who value combining traditional and modern design elements.

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Emerald-cut diamonds are step-cut, rectangular stones with rounded corners. Known for their subtle yet remarkable elegance, they have an excellent degree of clarity as they are more transparent than other diamond cuts.

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Cushion-shaped diamonds are the vintage variant of round-shaped diamonds. Although they resemble squares or rectangles, their sides and corners have soft, rounded edges. These are timeless yet romantic choices.

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Radiant Shaped Diamonds is the perfect blend of the blaze and excellence of the round shape with the graceful glamour of the emerald shape. This diamond has 70 facets for the best possible light reflection as a result of a brilliant cut pattern along the pavilion and crown. 

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Asscher-shaped diamonds are identical to emerald-shaped stones. This shape’s unique cropped corners, which are perfectly oriented to provide a timeless, elegant, and vintage look, are one of its most distinctive characteristics.  

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Heart-shaped diamonds, a lovely modification of pear shapes, are expertly created with symmetrical halves, expressing the essence of love. This complex cut, which creates the ideal sign for anniversaries or engagements, calls for extraordinary talent.

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Marquise-shaped diamonds have a dramatic and exquisite appearance since they are lengthy and have pointed ends. Compared to other diamond cuts, this form has a greater surface area and makes your fingers appear longer and more attractive. 

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Oval-shaped diamonds are like a shining version of the classic round shape, featuring a unique twist. When compared to round diamonds of the same carat weight, their elongated form gives the impression of greater size. Oval-shaped diamonds are captivating with a glow that is reflective of their unique form, and they possess extraordinary fire and brilliance. 

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Pear-shaped diamonds, a symbol of sparkle and elegance, gracefully mimic the appeal of glistening water droplets. Known by several other names, such as drop cuts or teardrop diamonds, these diamonds have a remarkable ability to combine the features of round and marquise shapes, making them one of the most distinctive and unusual cuts available.

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